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The Motto of our Institute 'Let your light shine' is reflected in all that 'Prabhat Tara' Working Women's Hostel has been in the past one year. The main focus of our activities was overall wellbeing of the hostelites.

Goals & Objectives

  • To ensure a safe and secure environment for young working women.
  • To foster a spirit of fellowship and understanding among the hostelites representing different communities, creeds, languages and cultures, to strengthen unity amidst diversity.
  • To provide opportunities for physical, psychological and Spiritual wellbeing.
  • To strengthen Interpersonal relationships.
  • To encourage loyalty and service to the nation and reach out to the marginalized.
  • To empower the hostelites by developing their leadership qualities and decision making capacity.
  • To provide opportunities for enhancing Life Skills such as Time Management, Finance Management, Culinary Skills, Adjustment Skills, Communication Skills.
The hostelites come from different States of India, with a variety of cultures, languages, religions, food habits etc. A good number of hostelites are professionals, doing private or government jobs. There are students as trainees, attending coaching or regular college. Thus, the hostel is a 'Laboratory of learning'. They learn to adjust, to cook, care for themselves and others, learn discipline, and face challenges of life. They are encouraged to participate in various activities. These opportunities help them exhibit their talents and skills and shine like little stars.


National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day were celebrated with 'Flag Hoisting' programmes. Patriotic songs, dances and speeches were all expressions of our patriotic spirit.
Hostel day:
Hostel Day was celebrated on 19th September with much enthusiasm and joy. The theme for the celebration was 'BREAKING FREE'. The backdrop prepared by the students described the inner longing of each one to experience freedom from within and help others do the same.

Ms Bernie, one of our ex-hostelites was the chief guest on this occasion. Her message was related to practical living of freedom as we face challenges of life. The cultural programme was followed by a sumptuous dinner hosted by the Management.

Diwali Celebrations:

Celebration of Diwali festival in the hostel brought much joy to all the participants. The evening celebrations began with a prayer meeting, highlighting the significance of the festival and praying for our country. The beautiful Rangoli of a Peacock at the entrance of the hostel was a real attraction of the day. After prayer, all had fun lighting sparklers and fountains and enjoyed Diwali sweets. The celebration ended on the terrace where each girl carried her little Diya in a procession to light up the hostel building.

Christmas & New Year celebrations
A get-together was organized on 9th January 2016. The juniors managed the event very efficiently. All the hostelites actively participated in making this day an enjoyable one. The dance performance by the working girls was a real hit. The exchange of gifts with the Christmas partners was the most moving experience. Carefully wrapped gifts were exchanged between new friends. Renu Mishra, a visually impaired girl was so moved to receive a beautiful gift from her new friend Fozia Syed. A Christmas party was organized for the hostel staff earlier and they were honored with a token gift for their dedicated service.

Out-reach Programme:

A visit to 'Swarg Dwar Ashram', a Home for the street destitutes at Fatehpur Beri, Harswaroop colony,New Delhi, was organized for the hostelites. They made a collection of Rs.5000/- to give as a donation to the Ashram. On 7th February 2016, seventeen girls volunteered to visit this home along with the management. It was a very touching experience as we interacted with 55 male inmates with all kinds of disabilities. The language of love helped us communicate with them. The girls performed action songs and dance. Some of the inmates most willingly joined us in singing, also giving us solo performances.

Sports Day:

On 6th March, Sports day was organized on the hostel grounds. Angel and Seba took the initiative to organize this event. The day began with the March-past, followed by games like Sack Race, Three legged race, filling the bottle, dog & the bone, Relay race etc. Rushila R. was the Chief Guest on this occasion. Her message on women's issues & the challenges they face was much appreciated by all. The day was filled with fun, energy and enthusiasm.

Women's day:

Women's day was celebrated with an awareness session on 'Violence against women' and other women's issues. Ms Rushila Rebello who was our resource person, conducted the session in a very creative way, involving the girls in the game and question/answer session. They felt free to interact and express their personal views and insights.

A session on 'Physiotherapy and Relaxation Exercises' was conducted by Dr Raavi Gaur, one of the hostelites, on 20th March. The session also included Do's and Don'ts of the exercises and general health tips. The input and practical exercises were very helpful for all the participants.


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